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The Monumental African American website is for all who want to explore African American/ American History through the stories told by monuments. These stories commemorate and celebrate the many ways African American people have participated in the founding, building and shaping of the United States of America. While visiting the site, be sure to press the buttons to find out more about every monument or theme. 

The Monumental African American Project

The Monumental African American Project is a collaborative effort first envisioned by Geoffrey Black in 1975. Since then, others (mostly family and friends) have contributed photographs, background information, research and ideas to help in the creation of this website and related materials. While the collection of monuments on this website is extensive, we are well aware that it is not exhaustive. So, we invite others who know of monuments not represented on our site to contribute information and photographs. If we use them, we will gladly acknowledge the contributor with a photo credit.

The Project Team

Makeda Black


Melvin Black


Rick Cowles


Michael Black


Greg Anderson


Devoree Crist


Rachel McDonald

Technical Advisor

Geoffrey Black

Publisher, Editor, Photographer

The Preview Gallery

Here are some of the photographs that you will find on our pages.

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